I bought your Canine Solution product for my dogs and while I was reading the information on the bottle and thought I would try it on my arm. I had developed a monster looking sore on my arm, which was oozing some kind of liquid and also blood. The doctors did not know what it was! However, when I started spraying my arm with the Canine Solution it completely dried and healed the sore. AMAZING!!!!

I have had a lot of medical problems this past year, which has played havoc with my skin, but your Canine Solution product has cleared up all the sores. What a great product!!!!
Connie Ackerman - Scottsdale, AZ

My kitty "Murray" has on-and-off skin problems where he gets little scabs all over his body and at one point he had several all around the base of his tail. I got the Feline Solution and sprayed it on, maybe three times during the first day that I had it. The next day all the scabs were completely gone. I couldn't feel any at all which to me seemed impossible, but it was a fact!

Sarah S. - Henderson, NV

Just a note about the amazing Canine Solution. My golden lab developed a bad ear infection and I became concerned. I was going to take her to the vet after the weekend, but decided to use your Canine Solution! When the weekend was over I noticed that she was getting better so I postponed the vet. Good thing I did because it cleared up in 4 days. I also had success with a rash she developed after she was in heat. I think my pooch likes the gentle spray!

Mike L. - Las Vegas, NV

This is the best stuff ever. We keep a bottle in every room in the house. My dog got a nasty cut just after Christmas. When we saw the cut we brought her to the vet, but it was too late to stitch it. He prescribed a topical antibiotic and sterile dressing. We changed the dressing three times a day for five days and the gash never got any smaller. I finally took the bandages off and sprayed the Canine Solutions on and the gash was GONE (completely closed) in two days!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Jean Anne - Cleveland, OH

Do I have a testimonial for you. I have two cats, Cecil and Bob, and they have been treated with this product [Feline Solutions] for ear mites and it works great. Ringworm great and now seems to be hot spots and again it is working it's magic. I have been so happy with this product I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is, and thank you so much. I will tell you I will be using another bottle as soon as this one is no longer potent. It works so well I haven't had to use much.

Judie Hanson

I have an outdoor cat and he came home with several scratches on his face. I applied the Feline Solution for a few days to the affected area and they healed very quickly. Great product and a must have for outdoor cats.

Linda - Rochester, NY