My dog was sprayed by a skunk in the early morning of a weekday as my husband and I were getting ready to leave for work. The dog had to stay in the house with the skunk spray on him all day until my husband returned that night. Needless to say the whole house was permeated with the skunk smell and the dog was a miserable mess. My husband walked into the house and he said his eyes watered at the smell of skunk. He tried to wash the dog with a formula he retrieved off the internet, but it really made no difference. He then tried Skunk Free - all natural formula -and it worked on our dog to eliminate the odor. We also liked the fact that it is 100% natural and would not harm our pet. Now that our dog was odor free, it was on to our house and cars. We used the 180 XT odor remover next. We were very pleased with the way both products - Skunk Free and 180 XT - worked as they did just as they are advertised. We have some of the products left just in case our pet runs into another skunk. Thank - you for two great products.

Mary D. - Geneva, NY

Dear Sir:

I love your product for birds, for myself!

I pass the word every chance I get that this is what you need for feather regrowth, for skin health and
for healthy hair regrowth, etc.

We have been buying raising and selling birds for about 30 years now. So…I get to tell quite a few people
about your product. I hope they have as good results as I have.

Eleta E. Burns
“Burns' Birds”
Canton, Texas 75103
Eleta Burns - Canton, TX

So I just have to tell you. LOVE!!!!! The 180XT, I used it in my living room on the spot my son potty's at and the smell is gone. My house now smells GREAT

Tammy T. - , PA

I was lucky enough to have one your contest and couldn't wait to try the products. Our female lab, Sophie, had HORRIFIC skin allergies and will literally chew her entire back till it's bloody and raw. I tried everything to ake her stop...ointments, creams, sprays, antihistimes and nothing would stop her excessive chewing and pacing during the night. I grabbed the Itch Free for dogs and sprayed her back and I was STUNNED!! She slept all night and completely stopped chewing! 3 days straight of spraying and her back is healed and the hair is growing back! I cannot say enough about this amazing product!! EVERY dog owner who's dog has any skin allergies and itching NEEDS this product! Thank you SO MUCH for making sure an effective product!

Edwina Caito - Greenwood, IN

Thank you very much for the bottle of your product "Skunk Free" that I won through the Modern Dog online giveaway. It arrived today by priority mail. I have read the label & smelled the product and I have to say that I am impressed by what I have learned so far. Being a county 4-H Dog Project leader, I am sure that before this year's dog program is over, at least one 4-H member's dog will have had an encounter with a skunk. Thanks to your product, this year, I can recommend a method to deal with the smell. Once again, thank you!

Sandy G. - Moundsville, WV

180XT works great to get the greasy, sticky film on the kitchen stove exhaust fan. I simply poured a little bit on a towel, and wiped. It removed the greasy, sticky film without having to scrub.

I also used 180XT on our stairway top wall/railing. The painted surface had a bit of grime from natural oils in our hands. I simply poured a little 180XT on the surface and wiped with a towel. It lifted the dirt from the pitted pores on the top of the wall without any scrubbing.
Stephanie - Sterling, NY

I have two cats that have been peeing on my wall to wall carpeting in my finished basement.

180XT works wonders on those real tough areas. I highly recommend this product if you have a pet odor problem in your house.
Chuck - East Rochester, NY

Once again we love this product. Here is the after picture, what a difference!

Toni - Cheektowaga, NY

I just received this product last weekend and I am so amazed how well this product works. Our rug is about 20 yrs old and quite dirty, well I used this product on a few spots and it took out OLD stains that other products did not. I highly recommend this product!! This is the before picture

Toni - Cheektowaga, NY

Yes, I have been using G-Whiz for the past 9 years. When My husband and I moved to a home on an acre lot we had two dogs at that time and it did not take long for

them to start ruining our lawn. A friend told us about G-Whiz and we have been loyal customers ever since. We now have 5 dogs and our lawn still looks great.
We do not know what we would do if we ran out. Our friends and neighbors always compliment us on how great our yard looks despite having so many dogs.
Thanks so much!
Angela Wienckowski

I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at Marshall Pet Products, so obviously I have access to samples and testing of products that we sell. The story starts with our chocolate lab Cassie who is an 85lb lap dog and about the most affectionate animal around. Being a dog, living in the country - she was sprayed on the side of the face by a skunk in our yard (only one side, but enough to get your attention from a long distance). Well here was my chance to see first hand how Skunk Free worked and believe me, I was skeptical at first and with great reason considering the pungent odor of a skunk. I took an 8oz bottle out of my car from a sample pack and sprayed Cassie's face liberally (using about 2/3rds of the bottle) and did not work it in like the directions indicated. Cassie thought it was great as she licked at the spray with her tongue. I walked away for few minutes and returned to absolutely NO skunk odor at all. I have no problem putting my personal guarantee on this product. It works great!

Paul Juszczak - Ontario, NY

The Earth's Balance Family of Products has a pivotal role in the veterinary treatment arsenal. These probiotic solutions have wide applications in a variety of cases and are in line with Dr. Jim's commitment to DO NO HARM in the pet treatment process. Therefore, I not only recommend Earth's Balance ProBiotic Solutions to veterinarians and pet owners, I suggest that they use them in place of harmful antibiotics.

Dr. Jim Kramer - , Nebraska

I was given a bottle of Skunk Free at a Trade Show, stuck it in a cabinet and forgot about it. Many months later, I got in a very bad, heavily skunked dog... my regular skunk solution didn't seem to take it out completely. I tried the Skunk Free and he only had a trace of the skunk in his nose (sinuses)... I was so happy, and so was his owner. When the dog came back 8 weeks later, and I wetted him down for his bath, I did not smell the skunk one bit. I definitely want to use and sell this in my salon.

Sherri - Lebanon, PA

My name is Edward E. Avery Jr. I am the president of The Priceless Parrot Preserve Inc., the first rescue organization for the permanent care of large exotic birds in New York State. We take in abused, unwanted, and abandoned exotic birds. We do not breed, sell, or re-adopt out any birds we care for. We care for well over 100 birds at the preserve and we also have an exhibit at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, Long Island. As you can imagine it's a real job cleaning up after that many birds and especially in the exhibit where it has to look good all the time. We wanted to let you know what a great product your Avian Solution is. Many time the birds we rescue come in plucked and some bleeding due to stress and/or abuse. Your avian solution helps sooth their wounds and revitalizes their skin to help with feather plucking. We have instructed the people that help us care for all our birds to use this when cleaning their cages too. It helps keep their cages and perches free from bacteria and fungus. We us it in the aviary at Atlantis also. I'm so glad I found this product but I'm even more glad that you invented it. You have a lifetime customer now! Thank you Earth's Balance, for caring about some of the problems we have caring for our flock.

Edward E. Avery Jr., President & Co Founder of The Priceless Parrot Preserve Inc. - Ridge, NY

My daughter is highly allergic to cats, but since we started using Dander Free for cats, her sneezing and itchy eyes have subsided. This is a much better alternative than getting rid of the cat!

Diane V. - Rochester, NY

Recently a dog belonging to one of our customers came down with a very difficult case of skin lice. She tried every vet and even had samples send to the University of Colorado Veterinary School for analysis with no help. She tried many itch relieving products including Itch Free, which is the ONLY one that had results. Within a week, the dog's coat was starting to grow back and they could actually see the skin! Her trainer called us on a Sunday because she couldn't wait until Monday to tell us of the results! Their vet called too! No one could believe the incredible results. I just talked to the owner and the dog has not had any further problems! Impressive!

Grace - Grace, WY

We have a good friend that is highly allergic to cats. Sadly, he could not spend more than ½ hour in our home since we have 3 cats. We purchased some Dander Free by Earth's Balance and sprayed it all over our house the day before our friend was to visit us. He ended up staying for 5-6 hours without any allergic reaction all because of the Dander Free. It works!!!!!

Joe Little

As a boarding kennel owner and groomer, I am very impressed with your Dander Free product. I now sell it to my groom customers who have a problem with allergies. I have used it in my home and with five very large dogs, it has made a big difference for my son-in-law who has very severe allergies to dog dander.

Wendy - Toledo, OH

I bought a bottle of Daily Boost from you about a month ago and have finally run out. I had taken my dog to the vet for a fungal condition and unfortunately, he was unable to correct the condition. Once I tried Daily Boost, my dog started getting better almost immediately. I went to PetsMart, Petco, K-Mart and Target looking for it and none of them have heard of the product. I told them that they are crazy for not handling it as I think it is the best product available in the pet industry. I will re-order from EarthsBalanceHealth.com and keep on pushing the stores that I shop in to bring it in for me.

Richard Purcell - Dayton, OH

I am happily owned by two loving feline companions and make every reasonable effort to provide them with a toxin free environment

Barbara, Sparrow + Chai - Santa Cruz, CA