Jun 2, 2011

Earth's Balance Feline Solution and Canine Solution produces are all natural, multi-purpose products that are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal solutions that promote healing. These solutions are non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. Products are completely safe to use on animals of all ages. Please use as directed for best results. Feline and canine solutions aid in the healing process and promote healthy skin and coat.

There are a variety of uses for Feline Solution and Canine Solution:

  • Abrasions: spray several times daily, until healed
  • Body odor: Spray entire animal twice daily, wetting hair and coat to skin
  • Bug bites, wasp/bee stings: spray as soon as possible, repeating every 30 minutes for two hours
  • Burns and sun burns: spray as soon as possible, repeating every 30 minutes for two hours
  • Cuts and scrapes: spray as needed to stop bleeding and promote healing
  • Dental Disease and bad breath: spray directly in mouth several times daily.
  • Corneal Ulcers and conjunctivitis: 2 drops in eye and repeat in 1 hour, twice daily.
  • Skin rash, skin irritation, itching and hives: spray at least three times daily or as needed to control itching
  • Insect Infestation, Fleas: spray twice daily or as needed.
  • Inflammation/swelling: spray several times daily until healed.
  • Hot Spots, mange: spray at least three times daily until healed.
  • Surgical Incisions: spray area and air-dry four times daily until completely healed.

These solutions will take care of all of your pet’s skin problems and first aid needs. No matter if your dog has coat problems, your cat has skin problems, or your pet has a little scrape that needs help healing Feline Solution or Canine Solution will be your go to product. Satisfied consumers can already attest to the effectiveness of these products. Linda, of Victor, NY, is one such consumer.

“I have an outdoor cat that had a large scratch on his nose. After spraying Feline Solution on the cut it went away within two days. I was able to spray the solution directly on my cat's nose without being afraid of getting it in his eyes because the all natural solution wouldn’t hurt them.”

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