Feb 4, 2015

Pilling a dog is a chore. Pilling a cat is a challenge. But pilling an equine? Well, that’s just a horse of a different color.

Of course, administering medicine to any pet is never a fun task. And it’s certainly not easy. But at least with dogs and cats, you have the benefit of small mouths and small pills. (Of course, some dogs seem to be the size of horses, or large ponies, but we’re not talking about them for our purposes here.) With a horse, we are dealing with large mouths and large pills. Hence the term “horse pill.” Think about it—horse pills are generally so large that they have inspired a term well-known in colloquial language.

Before we created Pill Paste, people would try to give their dogs and cats pills by:

  • Hiding them in the food
  • Wrapping them in cheese
  • Crushing them up in mixing them with food

Each of these methods was problematic, because:

  • Pets have a knack for eating all the food in the bowl and leaving the pill behind
  • Cheese is high-calorie and not healthy for pets
  • Some pills are not meant to be crushed before administering

Pill Paste was the perfect solution, since it preserves the integrity of the pill while allowing the pet to swallow it down whole. No mess, no fuss, no drama. Since it tastes great, pets think their pill is actually a treat!

Since cat and dog owners have faced their own set of challenges, you can imagine that giving large pills to large horses is even more problematic. You would be right! In fact, some forward-thinking chap even invented a special gun specifically for pilling horses. It’s called a balling gun, and it’s best used by an experienced operator and a cooperative horse. Misuse can cause damage—and not to mention trauma to the horse.

We knew there had to be an easier way. Pill Paste for dogs and cats has been such a raging success. We hear from fans all over the nation and world and how it is now so much easier to dose their pets with (often life-saving) medication. Why couldn’t we do the same for horses?

And so Pill Paste for Horses was born. It’s mint flavored, because horses love mint. They’re known to seek it out in the wild to munch on as a mild digestive aid. They are also known to accept peppermints as treats. And think about the refreshing beverage that’s most often associated with the Kentucky Derby. You’d better believe it’s a Mint Julep!

We’re proud to offer Pill Paste for Horses to help the medicine go down, helping horses stay happy and healthy everywhere!

Pill Paste for Horses!