Jun 2, 2011

Removing the skunk odor from your pet can be quite challenging.

Skunk Free is an odorless probiotic solution that helps to eliminate, not mask, offensive odors. The microbes in it break down and digest the micro-biotic matter in skunk spray that cause odor. This product is safe for use on all size dogs or cats and won't bother their eyes or ears.

Many people have tried removing the skunk odor with perfumes and shampoos, but this will only mask the odor. However, perfumes and shampoos rarely work to even mask the odor since both the cover-up odor as well as the skunk odor can still be detected.

There are several chemical methods for removing or reducing odor: neutralizing the odor or bonding the odor.

  • Neutralization works by combining two odors to create a third odor that is weaker in intensity and more pleasant, but still there!
  • Bonding works by temporarily changing the chemical structure of the odor particles. Unfortunately, this effect doesn't last!
  • Skunk Free eliminates the odor instead of masking the odor.

Skunk Free is an all-natural product that will effectively eliminate the skunk odor from your pet without the use of chemicals. This product works quickly to remove skunk odor and will keep pets and owners happy and stink free. For a listing of pet stores that carry this product please refer to