Does G-Whiz have to stay refrigerated?
Are the ingredients in G-Whiz safe?
Why does G-Whiz work so well?
Does G-Whiz work better in the water or the food?
Do I have to use G-Whiz Everyday?
What do I do if I do not get control of my problems right away?
Can I overdose G-Whiz?
My dog and Cat drink out of the same bowl, is G-Whiz safe for cats?
Is G Whiz safe for cats. Our cat drinks out of the same water bowl as our dog.
Can G-Whiz Go bad? Is it harmful to humans if it gets on our skin?
The G Whiz bottle says it is intended only for intermittent or supplemental use. What does that mean? Is it safe to give it to my dogs year round? Also, how much should I put in their water (I have two dogs, one 95 lbs and one 65 lbs, who share a single