How does Dogonit Work?
Can I apply Dogonit to the entire lawn?
How often do I need to use Dogonit?
Is Dogonit safe for children and pets?


Does G-Whiz have to stay refrigerated?
Are the ingredients in G-Whiz safe?
Why does G-Whiz work so well?
Does G-Whiz work better in the water or the food?
Do I have to use G-Whiz Everyday?
What do I do if I do not get control of my problems right away?
Can I overdose G-Whiz?
My dog and Cat drink out of the same bowl, is G-Whiz safe for cats?
Is G Whiz safe for cats. Our cat drinks out of the same water bowl as our dog.
Can G-Whiz Go bad? Is it harmful to humans if it gets on our skin?
The G Whiz bottle says it is intended only for intermittent or supplemental use. What does that mean? Is it safe to give it to my dogs year round? Also, how much should I put in their water (I have two dogs, one 95 lbs and one 65 lbs, who share a single

Skunk Free

What is in Skunk Free?
Is Skunk Free organic?
How does Skunk Free work?
How do I use Skunk Free?
How fast does Skunk Free work?
Can I use Skunk Free for all my pets?

Dander Free

Will Dander Free help with my allergies?
How do I use Dander Free for Dogs?
Are the ingredients organic?
What is Dander Free?
How long does it take Dander Free for Dogs to work?
Can the new dander free for cats also be sprayed on furniture?
Can you use the cat dander spray on ferrets?
Do you have the Dander free for ferrets?

Itch Free

How does Itch Free work?
How much do I use?
How often do I use Itch Free?

Avian Solution

Does Avian Solution have lanolin in it?
Is this product safe for all birds?
What else can I use Avian Solution for?
I use Avian Solution on my Parrots and I love it. It works so well on my birds. I have a cat that was basicall skinned on the neck by the other cat. The hair is missing and is red. Can I use Avian Solution to heal the sore?

Wet Dog

What does Wet Dog do?

Daily Boost

Will my dog benefit from Daily Boost?


What is 180XT?
How is this product any different from the other cleaners out there?
Is it safe?
Will it leave a residue or discolor the area that it cleans?
Can this be used in steam cleaners?
What surfaces can 180XT be used on?
What types of stains does it work on?
Why isn’t it in a spray bottle?
Does 180XT have a fragrance?
How long does a typical treatment take?
Can I use this in my litter box?
If this is concentrated, do I need to dilute it?
Is 180Xt made in the USA?

Pet Solutions for all Pets

Is Feline Solutions safe for my pregnant cat?
How do I use Feline Solutions?
I accidentally sprayed Feline Solutions in my cat's eyes, what do I do?
My dog has a cut on his mouth, is it safe to use Canine Solutions on the affected area?
How do I use Feline Solutions?
What are the ingredients in cat solution?

Tick Myths & Answers

Are there only a few types of ticks?
Ticks can only transmit Lyme disease, correct?
Do ticks die in the winter?
If the head of the tick is still intact, will it regrow its body?
Is it true that only dogs and cats can get Lyme disease?
Does every tick have Lyme disease?
Will twisting the tick release it from the skin intact?
Do ticks drop from trees and jump onto your skin from bushes?
Do tick bites hurt?