The lowdown on Ion Dispersion™ Technology and why it matters

Advanced Hydrogel

When it comes to wound care, Advanced Hydrogel Wound & Skin Care brings new technology that promotes faster

healing in a wider variety of environments. It uses patented Ion Dispersion Technology (IDT™) that energizes the active ingredients, allowing for deeper penetration and hydration to the wound site.

This is important because most topical wound care products affect only the outermost layer of the epidermis. In contrast, Advanced Hydrogel Wound & Skin Care absorbs deep into the layers of skin. This helps remove dead skin cells while creating a protective micro-barrier that promotes healthier healing conditions. It's a safe no-rinse formula that's long lasting and antibiotic-free.

Ion Dispersion is what makes it all happen. Simply put, Ion Dispersion is a method to create an electrolysis reaction (meaning to split up). A more detailed explanation is as follows:

• When water undergoes electrolysis, it is charged with electrical energy that changes its properties

• The water molecules are restructured, causing the pH level to increase

• Water with a high pH level (also called functional water or alkaline water) absorbs into the skin quickly for a longer-lasting effect

That's the science behind Ion Dispersion Technology, and it's the reason Advanced Hydrogel is a great choice for cleaning and debriding wounds and treating lacerations, burns, rashes and post-surgical skin.

As an added bonus, Advanced Hydrogel remains stable at all temperatures, so there are far fewer limitations to where it can be stored. It does not freeze and is not sensitive to high heat, so it can be kept wherever it is needed with no worries that it will deteriorate over time.

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