Mellow Yellow

Repairs Lawn Burns caused by Dog Urine!

Not feeling so mellow after looking at all of the yellow spots in your lawn? Lawn burn can really be an eye sore in a lush green lawn. Replacing the sod is only a temporary fix to the bigger problem; your pooch likes to pop a squat in the same place. While you can teach your dog to urinate in a designated “dog friendly" part of your lawn however there is an easier way, especially for older dogs who are harder to train. Dogonit and G-Whiz, Earth's Balance products by Marshall Pet Products.

These products make lawn upkeep a breeze even for owners of multiple dogs. Dogonit attacks the problem directly on the lawn while G-Whiz treats the problem at the source, the dog him or herself. Both of these products attack the problem in different ways.

Dogonit is sprayed directly on the effected area of the lawn to help flush toxins out of the soil while promoting new, healthy growth. G-Whiz is a liquid additive that can be mixed into your dogs food or water daily provides dogs with the 10 key amino acids they need to properly metabolize proteins. By properly metabolizing these proteins the ammonia levels in dogs urine is lowered which reduces your risk for lawn burn. The all-natural formulation of both Dogonit and G-Whiz keeps both you and your pup happy and healthy.

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